Several times a year, groups of people all around the world will gather together for a long weekend or a full week, and spend the whole time drinking, fighting off sleep, and eating noodles. While they’re at it, they might make a short film or two. This is Kabaret, a filmmaking bootcamp and party of the global Kino movement. This April, Filmonik – the Manchester branch of kino – held a week long Kabaret, resulting in 71 short films. The figures are staggering.
From comedy to Scifi to melodrama, sometimes all at once, the films vary in quality and length, although with a maximum of ten minutes, even the worst aren’t too uncomfortable, and the best are truly breathtaking.
The beauty of Kabaret is not in its creativity, however, but its openness. Anyone can participate, from experts to beginners, and everyone’s more than happy to help out.
one thing the shorts share in common is the speed with which they have been created – from initial conception to final screening is just a few days, with music, editing and screenwriting happening in between, and sometimes in that order!

The next Manchester Gorilla Kabaret takes place from 10th-12th August and is named after its guerilla roots. If you love film, I suggest you attend.

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