About Paul Anderton

Paul Anderton has been making films under the Curtin Parloe Films banner since the late ’90s. As a Writer/Director, he has created such films as “Milky Thursday” (which was shown as part of the 2007 Exposures Film Festival), 47, Issues, and “The Ties That Bind”. In 2010 he directed a feature length documentary called “1599: A True Story Of The Elizabethan Court”, which featured Clare McGlinn and Christopher Eccleston, and was released in 2016.

He is also an accomplished cinematographer, having worked with Ultimatum Films on award-winning shorts “Duty Calls” and “After Auschwitz”, with Pensive Penguin Productions on hard-hitting feature “Seeing Smoke”, and with other companies such as Film6, Kronfli Duliba Productions and Albino Injun.

He has several feature-length screenplays in the pipeline, and in 2012 he wrote a full-length novel called “Expurgated.”





paulanderton @ curtinparloe.co.uk

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