Paul Anderton – CV

Paul Anderton
20 Ashley Avenue
M27 0AZ


I have worked in TV and Film camera departments for four years, using cameras such as the Canon EOS series, the RED One, and some Arri 35mm cine cameras. As a writer-director, I have made and supervised over a dozen films in the past five years, including a documentary feature. I am comfortable in disparate roles, having been a production assistant, video assist technician, sound recordist, editor and actor in different projects.
I have worked as a Director of Photography since 2006, on short and feature-length films. Before my career in this industry, I worked in IT, where I designed and tested software installation procedures, followed such procedures, and dealt with clients on a daily basis.


  • Software Experience: Windows, MacOS, MS Office (including Access)
  • Web Design Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Industry-specific software: Avid Media Composer, Premiere, After Effects, Protools, Final Cut, Final Draft
  • CeltX
  • Camera Experience: Canon EOS series, Arri 435 LT/ST, RED One Canon XL1, Sony DSR/Z/PD Series.
  • Full member of BECTU


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