New Website Design

It’s finally here. After months of indecision, the website has now had a facelift. Gone is the rather busy multiple-column format, to be replaced with a much simpler two-column. It also heralds the unveiling of the new-style 3D logo, although … Continue reading


Sexy new horror film, starring Gemma Deerfield, Danny Idollor and Joseph Stacey due to shoot in Manchester and the Bahamas August/September

Manchester, UK – 23rd March 2012 – Insatiable Productions and Curtin Parloe Films are developing PARTY BOAT, a sexy new feature-length horror film set in the Bahamas and Salford. PARTY BOAT tells the story of three adventurous couples who take a hedonistic trip to the Bahamas, only to find themselves brutally picked off, one by one… Continue reading

Site update

The Curtin Parloe slate has now been updated with several exciting new projects: A Simple Plan: Unlike sisters, gangsters don’t share clothes. Hallway 7: A mystical tale about a man out of place. Hell And Back: It’s only after you … Continue reading


In November 2010, I decided to write a novel. For the uninitiated amongst you, November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.NaNoWriMo Site it isn’t a competition, just a collective of aspiring writers who egg each other on. … Continue reading