2008 Review

It’s been a full year for Curtin Parloe Films. In January, there was the promise of a new venture with Hollywood, the ill-fated “Sleeper” project, which I co-wrote. For various reasons, it has been called “Counterplay” or “The Operative”, and it now has no chance of being made, not least because someone is touting the script as his own, despite proof to the contrary. Ah, showbusiness.

In rather more pleasant news, Ultimatum Films made three short films and a music video this year, of which I was a part. Duty Calls was shown at Salford Film Festival, and is lined up for a few more in the new year. I have been filming a feature film called Seeing Smoke, and I am quite pleased with some of the cinematography, considering such a low budget. Hopefully it will wrap soon – there are only a few days of shooting left.
I’ve also started helping out on the Topps Casting workshops which aim to give aspiring actors a taste of real casting sessions.

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