Through The Bullethole

A hitman comes home to find two intruders in his house…


Cast (In Order Of Appearance)
Valo – Neil Thorpe
Afro Dave – Dave Mills
Linus – Chris Slater
Niobe – Lianne Leeks

Music – The Infinity Doctors

Director of Photography – Paul Anderton

Sound Design – Sarah G

Written Edited and Directed by Paul Anderton and Sarah G

Curtin Parloe Films 2005


This was a fun shoot in Huddersfield, over one night during the Christmas holidays in 2004. I used a tiny little Canon MVX100 (Optura 20 in the States), and lighting was restricted to practicals and a maglight, hence the poor image quality – the Canon doesn’t cope well with darkness. The one thing needed is grading to monochrome, but as a first-year project I’m still quite proud of it.

Posted on December 1, 2008

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