In November 2010, I decided to write a novel. For the uninitiated amongst you, November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.NaNoWriMo Site it isn’t a competition, just a collective of aspiring writers who egg each other on. After all, writing 50,000 words isn’t easy. It’s even harder writing them in a month, but that’s the challenge – NaNoWriMo is really an exercise in writing regularly every day.
It’s not my first attempt – usually I find myself swamped as soon as I’ve started, and never manage more than 8,000 words. This time was the same, except that I was determined to get it done. I managed it in the end, and sent it to a few friends for proofing. There were a lot of errors, but on the whole, everyone enjoyed it. Originally I planned it as an exercise, an elaborate ideation session, with a view to turning it into a screenplay, but the feedback was so positive that I decided to publish it.
At the moment, it is available on Amazon.com only, although I have plans for a UK edition before long.
Expurgated is the story of the author’s struggle against an insidious organisation, and the aliens whose wrath they incur, with only a couple of friends and the mysterious Professor Driffield to help.

Of course, there is a screenplay adaptation underway already, and better still, I have the author’s express permission to muck about with the story as much as I like!

Posted on February 2, 2011

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