During the recent Filmonik “Gorilla” micro Kabaret, I was approached by the immense talent that is Dave Kavanagh (composer of the music for The Capist), who asked me to build a short film around some music he had written. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. The premise was simple – the music was around 40 seconds long (43 in the end), and the protagonist receives a call telling him that his lover will die by drowning in that time unless he pays up.
It was an easy shoot. For me at least – Ben Edmundson had to run constantly through the streets of Manchester in the early hours of a Saturday morning, and poor Trish Pendleton had to spend the night soaked to the skin as we filmed several takes of her drowning. That said, everyone acted with great professionalism and enthusiasm, and I’m very pleased with the result. It’s always a pleasure working with such gifted people.

For fun, we shot a spoof “behind the scenes” video, which you can see here:

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