Sexy new horror film, starring Gemma Deerfield, Danny Idollor and Joseph Stacey due to shoot in Manchester and the Bahamas August/September

Manchester, UK – 23rd March 2012 – Insatiable Productions and Curtin Parloe Films are developing PARTY BOAT, a sexy new feature-length horror film set in the Bahamas and Salford. PARTY BOAT tells the story of three adventurous couples who take a hedonistic trip to the Bahamas, only to find themselves brutally picked off, one by one. Gemma Deerfield will produce and star while Paul Anderton will write and direct the microbudget feature. Danny Idollor (Jesus Versus The Messiah, Jack Said) and Joseph Stacey (Last Night At Emilio’s, Sparrow) will also star.

An experienced actress and producer, Deerfield starred in Marvin’s Song, Kindness of Strangers, Jesus versus the Messiah and several episodes of National Geographic’s The Mystery Files. She has produced Film6’s Issues and the Euki series, in addition to Sweet Sunset and The Box for Insatiable Productions. Anderton has been making films for over decade, working as cinematographer on several acclaimed shorts such as Duty Calls and Switch, whilst also directing Issues, Last, Come Die With Me, The Capist and 1599: A True Story Of The Elizabethan Court, a feature-length documentary narrated by Christopher Eccleston.

PARTY BOAT is an exciting project,” said Deerfield, “and an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to create a million-dollar look for a fraction of the budget”. Anderton added “Having secured the Bahamas location, we have high production value that normally eludes micro-budget productions, and with our top-notch cast close to completion, PARTY BOAT is well on the way to being a sure-fire success!”

Insatiable Productions have a long history in theatre and film, having produced Jean Genet’s The Maids at Camden’s Etcetera Theatre and films The Box and Sweet Sunset.
Curtin Parloe Films has been making short and feature films since the late nineties, from Milky Thursday and Through The Bullethole to The Capist and Come Die With Me.

For more information contact paul@partyboatfilm.com or gemma@partyboatfilm.com, or call Paul on +44(0)7725346261.

Posted on March 25, 2012

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